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The Thao are ethnic minorities on the banks of Sun Moon Lake. According to legend, their ancestors chased a white deer and crossed all over the Central Mountain Range and Ali Mountain while hunting, and finally entered Sun Moon Lake, a beautiful place surround by mountains and lakes. At that time, Sun Moon Lake was rich in natural resources and it was like a fairyland to the Thao people. They believed that this land was a blessed land led by their ancestors, so they decided to settle here. In 1950, President Chiang traveled to Sun Moon Lake, and Mao Xinxiao, a representative of the Thao people entertained President Chiang to enjoy the traditional cultures of Sun Moon Lake. Because of Mao Xinxiao and his daughter's hospitality, the daughter of Mao Xinxiao was then called a princess by President Chiang. Since then, villagers in Sun Moon Lake started to call Mao Xinxiao's daughter "Princess Mao ".

So far, Princess Mao has been passed down to the fourth generation. In 2000, the fourth generation of Princess Mao started "Mao's House" in Taipei, mainly selling natural supplements. "Natural, additive-free and safe" are deeply embedded in Mao's House's products. All products are strictly selected from natural planting areas in Taiwan and are regularly sent to SGS for inspection to ensure quality. Mao's House products have been exported to South Korea, Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore, Malaysia, and Vietnam for more than 22 years. We are committed to providing high-quality health care products from Taiwan to our customers.